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Saffola Gold Pro Healthy Lifestyle Edible Oil (Pouch) - Pack of 3

Are you pushing for a healthy lifestyle even amongst the daily hustles? Today our food habits, stress and activity level affect our health. Choose Saffola Gold cooking oil, which partners your journey for a healthy lifestyle. Saffola Gold blended edible oil takes care of you and your family by bringing together the benefits of oryzanol, natural Antioxidant, MUFA PUFA balance and Vitamins A and D. Saffola Gold being blended oil offers improved nutritional profile. Saffola Gold edible oil comes with Losorb Technology which results in upto 35% lesser oil absorption in comparison to commonly consumed edible oils and hence a healthier choice. Saffola Gold is fortified with Vitamin A, D which helps against night blindness and supports strong bones. Saffola encourages you and your family to take care of your heart by using less oil and consuming a low saturated fat diet. Saffola also strongly recommends regular exercise and a balanced lifestyle.